The Shadow Peace

Part 1 - The Nuclear Threat

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About the Project

Sequel to The Fallen of World War II, The Shadow Peace is a web series that combines data-visualization and cinematic storytelling to explore the driving factors of war and peace.

The first episode looks at the numbers behind nuclear war and peacekeeping efforts. Composed largely of data-driven animation, the 15-minute film allows the viewer to pause at certain moments to interact with the content.

Recommended Book

Inspiration and sources for much of the film came from Steven Pinker's The Better Angels of Our Nature.

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The film can be viewed using YouTube on this page,, smart television devices, and any website that embeds the above YouTube video on their page. The film is playable at up to 4K resolution.

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Data Sources

Underlying data from the film was sourced from Virginia Page Fortna, United Nations, Population Reference Bureau, Ira Helfand and Lachlan Forrow, Federation of American Scientists, Scott Sagan and Jane Esberg, and Future of Life Institute.


The film was written, directed, coded, and narrated by Neil Halloran. Original music and sound design was created by Andy Dollerson.

The hour glass animation was based on a visualization by Oliver Uberti.

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